2020 Collective Impact Workstreams

Interest forms DUE April 20

The African American Leadership Forum (AALF) is a cross-sector network of African Americans working together to find solutions to the Black community’s most vexing issues. Our goal to achieve a “just and healthy society that works equally well for everyone” is best achieved if we claim responsibility for our own lives and lift the broader community by creating a vibrant Black community.

As Minnesotans we share in the pride of a state that consistently ranks highly on national livability measures. We are a healthy, well-educated, and economically prosperous place to live. However, we have a serious and persistent issue with systemic and social inequity that creates two Minnesota’s; one that supports success for the majority population, and another that marginalizes Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

As a people-powered, democratic, and inclusive movement of forward-thinking community members we strive for continuous progress. To move beyond admiring “the problem” we recognize the centrality of strong families, and the power of investing in family resiliency as a strategy for uplifting neighborhoods and cities. Our agenda focuses on building a strong, self-sufficient Black community by fostering durable Black families that develop sustainable assets.

Collective Impact: Workstream Committees

Selected by the Forum Staff and Task Force members, Work Stream Committees meet for a 6-month work detail. The objective of the Work Streams is to drive the Collective Impact Plan within Leadership, Resources, Policy and Culture.

There are four focus areas that the Forum has identified. Family & Culture, Education, Health & Wellness and Economic Development. Each focus area has a Problem Statement and SMART goal identified. Workstream Members will work with Task Force members to build solutions to the challenges that face the African American community.

Workstream Goal

Bring together about 48 community builders and ambassadors to help implement the strategic vision of the Task Force and Community Partners. Work Stream members will add solutions to the Problem Statements and implement the collective community workplan. The role of the Collective Impact Work Stream member is to use their skills and strengths to implement the community workplan and prioritize actions on short term projects.

To be a successful Workstream member people need to do these items listed below:

  • Be familiar with the Problem Statement and Focus area
  • Be able to communicate effectively and work in a team
  • Prioritize tasks for projects
  • Implement project tasks effectively
  • Be aware of broader work happening in community


Each member will commit to a 6-month work detail. Each member will meet at least once a month or more depending on the complexity of the project.

As a Workstream member each person commits to being present and bringing their full voice, staying on point, being brief, getting through the scheduled agenda, being innovative, and having fun.


  • Access to the African American Leadership Forum Network
  • 50 hours of Professional Development
  • Opportunity to implement solutions to some of the Black community’s most prevalent challenges
  • Social Media and Network Exposure
  • Amazing AALF Swag


  • Align the Forums Collective Impact plan to community
  • Create Community Partnerships
  • Implement Community Work Plans
  • Evaluate Year End Outcomes


  • Attends Workstream virtual Community Open House on Thursday, April 16th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm via ZOOM
  • Complete interest form by April 2oth at noon
  • Notification on placement the week after applications close 
  • Participate on a Workstream Committee for at least 6 months

If you are interested in contributing your time and talent to the Forum. Please complete this interest form (below) to participate.

Link to Interest Form <— click here

Interests Forms are due on Monday, April 20th at noon.

Contact Program Director LaCora Bradford Kesti with questions at LaCora@aalftc.org.