Empowering Black Social Innovators to Utilize their Leadership Capabilities!

 The African American Leadership Forum (AALF) is excited to present this year’s 5th Annual Gala Breakfast Celebration: The Four Personas of Leadershipwith panel member Reuben Moore (Minnesota Community Care), along with Shawntera M. Hardy (founder of PolicyGrounds Consulting), Al McFarlane (Insight Media), and Caroline A. Wanga (Target Corporation). The gala will bring together over 500 changemakers and leaders from across the Twin Cities and Minnesota to delve into AALF’s four personas of leadership, which include Thought Leader, Influencer, Builder, and Ambassador. As a data-driven, people-powered organization that is all about empowering African Americans to uplift our community and support our Black leaders, we believe everyone is a leader with the ability to help improve our lives. Our leadership personas are defined as:

  • Thought Leader: A seeker, analyzer, and synthesizer of information who understands and solves problems by developing progressive solutions through innovation and creativity.
  • Influencer: An activator in community who organizes people to take actions around an issue or strategy.  Someone who takes the initiative to impact the distribution of political and/or economic power by encouraging, persuading, or directing decisions.
  • Builder: A developer of programs and infrastructure who utilizes information and prioritizes inputs and desired outcomes to establish support for community-level activity. These people build solutions to problems without deviating from the initial intent.
  • Ambassador: A person who promotes community empowerment by working directly with members of the community and organizing action. This person shares stories and information, supports awareness and insight on key issues, and acts as a hub for community members.

AALF believes that before a leader has the ability to fully utilize their leadership capabilities, Wholeness, Thoroughness, Health, and Willingness must be present. We define Wholeness as a measurement of the capability a person has through their experience, skills, tools, and preparedness. Thoroughness is a measurement of the capacity to deploy wholeness by understanding an issue and through effective planning with the ability to execute.  We define Healthy as a measurement of mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Lastly, Willing (after maximizing each of the other components) involves measuring whether or not a person is able to act and contribute to their community in collaborative way. By working together, we can find solutions to the challenges in the African American community and achieve our collective goals. Through convenings, townhalls, forums, and our Collective Impact Task Force and Work Streams, AALF is working to support our leaders and provide them with the tools and resources needed to bring about change.

About Reuben Moore: Panel Member

Over the past 18 years, Reuben Moore has co-created new pathways for value expansion within large, medium-sized and small organizations. His ability to bridge the private and public sectors is a gift. As a health industry leader, he has championed an optimization of consumer experience, disruptive innovations, partnerships and fundamental execution throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Reuben has fluidly adapted to changing market dynamics with a renewed passion to help organizations rethink strategies, execution methods, and value concepts. As a community leader he helps drive strategies, transformative models and policies that improve healthcare access and affordability for all Minnesotans. His life’s purpose is to repower others, enhance organizations and leave a legacy of innovation, renewal and transformation. Reuben has served in a leadership capacity across several healthcare organizations like UnitedHealth Group, Humana Inc., and Mayo Clinic. He is most proud of being a father, contributing to social change, and his civic volunteering on the boards of private and public organizations at the local, state, and national level. Reuben received his master’s degree in Business Administration from Hamline University and is completing a Doctorate of Education at the University of St. Thomas. He has been featured in several news publications and advocated for the disruption of health inequities by promoting community health centers across the country. He has been welcomed to discussions with various political leaders, which include the Honorable Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

The 5th Annual Breakfast Gala Celebration will be held at the University of Minnesota (McNamara Alumni Center) on Wednesday, October 30th from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., led by a panel of leaders from across the Twin Cities, and hosted by T. Mychal Rambo (Actor/Singer) with performances by Jamecia Bennett (Actor/Singer) and local talent.