The Forum Network: Making a Difference in the African American Community

The African American Leadership Forum (AALF) was started by corporate, political, and nonprofit leaders in the African American community for the African American community. Because of this, we are uniquely positioned to build relationships and work across organizational boundaries to push and pull specific levers designed to bring more interest and investment to the major economic, health, and education disparities facing the African American community.

Being a Network contributor means contributing your time, talent, or treasure to our Collective Impact work and taking the initiative to stay connected to other African American leaders throughout the state. Network contributors have unprecedented opportunities to grow professionally and personally, and to connect with other Black Thought Leaders, Influencers, Builders, and Ambassadors. They’re also provided with exclusive information about all AALF programs and convenings, have access to AALF merchandise, and are the first to know about resources and tools that support their career and community engagement interests.

Defining Time, Talent, & Treasure:

Time: Contributors who volunteer their time participate in our Task Force and Work Streams (the (foundation of our Collective Impact efforts) and help support the work of bettering the community. Talent: Contributors who volunteer their talents are interested in using their unique skillsets to maximize positive impact in the Black community, whether through joining the Task Force and Work Streams, or supporting AALF in some other way. Treasure: Contributors who volunteer their treasure have a desire to provide AALF and its initiatives with the financial resources needed to bring about change; this can be through donations, event sponsorships or other means.