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Above all else, our universal goal is to build a just and healthy society that works equally well for everyone.

As a democratic, people-powered movement, all work of the AALF is done through convenings, work groups, and action teams. Meeting and being together is how we build social capital and communal power.
Our network creates the space for African Americans to create a shared agenda for solving our community’s critical issues. AALF members come from all walks of life to contribute their insight each month by participating in any way that suits their interests. From volunteering in support of our growing movement, to joining workgroups that focus on economic development, education, health, or family and cultural wellness; there is space for everyone.


Marcus Owens, Executive Director

Ernest Comer, Associate Director

Brooke Roper, Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors


Sylvia Bartley, BSc (Hons), Pharmacology; PhD, Neurophysiology Global Director, Medtronic Philanthropy

Stella Whitney West, Co-Chair, CEO, NorthPoint Health & Wellness

John Taylor, Treasurer, Manager, Director of Supplier Diversity


Alex Tittle, Director, Hennepin County

Billy Charvez Russel, Executive Director, Friendship Academy

Carolyn Smallwood, Executive Director, Way to Grow

Nerita Hughes, Manager, Ramsey County

Ravi Norman, CEO, Norman Enteprises

Jeff Hayden, Senator, Minnesota State Congressman

Robin Frazier, Director, Alzheimers Association

Anisha Murphy, Adjunct Professor, Hamline University

Duchesne Drew, Vice President, Bush Foundation

Lauren Boulware, Director, Morgan Stanley

Kevin Lindsey, Attorney

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